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Start to Finish Care

It is our endeavor to create one stop shop for all your medical needs. From the time of your first consultation, to the point of decision for surgery, to follow up care, nutritional supplementation, diet and any other needs, we provide all the necessary solutions.

Your investigations will be home collected, reports emailed and couriered to your residence, surgery scheduled to a time to suit your needs. Diets are tailor made to suit your body type and personality along with specialized follow up consultations.


At Dr. Mulchandani’s Medical Services, all patients will be attended to only by qualified medical healthcare professionals, including the pre and post operative care as well as follow up care.

Quality Care at Quality Centres

We perform our surgeries at two of the most prestigious hospitals in Mumbai city. In south Mumbai, the heart of the city, overlooking the famous queen’s necklace, the Arabian sea and marine drive is Saifee hospital. In the north, at the most happening suburbs of Mumbai,  once again overlooking the ocean is Lilavati Hospital.
Both hospitals are teaching institutions with the best possible paramedical staff and hospitality providers.

Standardized Packages for Standardized Costs

Mumbai is known as the bargaining playground of the country. Every local here would want to haggle for price just out of habit. Some Doctors too, are willing to play the game, by first raising the costs and then bargaining down to the actual costs. We at Dr. Mulchandani’s Medical Services think it to be unprofessional. To avoid any dispute, we have formulated standardized packages for all our procedures. This ensures that the same quality of care is given to all, irrespective of where you choose to be admitted, and also leaves no room for confusion regarding the costs of the procedures.

Complete Transparency

At Dr. Mulchandani’s Medical Services, we believe that the patient has the right to all the possible information. No information is held back, no hidden charges are applied, no implied consent is taken and every eventuality is put down in black and white for future reference.

Complete Confidentiality / Privacy

We follow a standard protocol of obtaining consent for usage of names, numbers, photographs and videos of all our patients. Complete confidentiality is maintained and privacy is given the utmost importance. In case you wish for your information to be kept private, it will most certainly be kept under strict confidentiality.