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Dr. Mulchandani’s Medical Services – Medical Tourism in India

World Class Medical Treatment:

Globally, medical costs are increasing at an exponential rate. Even the simplest of procedures or treatments could cost enough to burn a deep hole in one’s pocket. Medical standards in India meet, and sometimes even exceed, global standards. Yet, the cost of treatment in India is a fraction of the cost incurred in countries like the UK or USA. This is one of the main reasons why India tops the list as one of the most popular destinations for medical tourism.

At Dr. Mulchandani’s Medical Services, we aim to simplify your medical travel needs, by offering a host of unparalleled services in the city of Mumbai.

Dr. Mulchandani’s Medical Services is backed by practitioners with varied medical backgrounds, offering a whole gamut of medical services from General Physician Care, to Specialist Consultations with a General & Laparoscopic Surgeon, Physiotherapist, an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, Family Planning Consultant and Infertility Advisor – all under one roof. We also provide medications, investigations and diagnostic checkups to fit every budget.

In addition to this, We provide assistance to our overseas clients starting from their arrival in Mumbai, to the time they depart. We offer airport transfers, hotel accommodation and local travel.

We assure you that you will find everything that you are looking for – medical guidance to treatment — at Dr. Mulchandani’s Website, and we look forward to taking care of you.

Medical Tourism in India

Over the last decade the healthcare sector in India has undergone enormous growth. It is now a well known fact that Indian doctors are one of the best in the world in terms of their clinical knowledge and surgical skills. The Hospital sector has developed a great deal with state of the art facilities and highly qualified medical professionals who are at par with the rest of the world. Medical equipment is as good as any other country. As compared to other developed countries, healthcare in India is a more cost effective. It is a good option for those people who are not insured in their home country. It is estimated that in United States itself about 40 million individuals are uninsured and many more who are under-insured. For these people it is a lot more affordable to travel to India and get treated at the best of hospitals for less than a fourth of the cost that they would have paid in their home country. Secondly, in many European countries often there are long waiting lists which may run into years. In India they can get the same treatment without waiting for too long. Lastly, India is a beautiful country with a rich heritage that promises great holidays at exotic locales.The land also offers a diverse terrain and varied cultures to experience.


With some of the best hospitals in Asia, India has established itself at a global level as the destination of choice for medical tourism. A vast array of forums and medical tourism centers accessible over the internet have made it easier for patients traveling from countries across the shores to arrange their stay, plan their dates of travel, have a look at the hospital where the procedure would be carried out and choose their doctor. Now, with the advent of high speed internet, it is also possible to conduct an overseas consultation with the surgeon before the date of travel, so as to allay all doubts and fears before the big decision is made.

Most centers in India now have an existing international marketing team which make the entire experience a professional and organised one. From the point of reaching the airport to the hospital stay and return flight, all services are maintained at the highest level of competence and confidentiality is strictly enforced. Travel around the country can also be arranged on special request.

India, with its reasonable costs for surgery and a wide variety of cultural and mythical destinations, makes an ideal destination for medical travel.

Saifee Hospital

Ideally located in South Mumbai, overlooking the majestic Arabian Sea, stands The Saifee Hospital, a state of the art, multi specialty hospital. The hospital is committed to achieve excellence in health care by providing the latest technology for diagnostic and therapeutic services set up with world class ambiance.

With state-of-art of technology, the hospital ensures quality medical care to meet the demands of different age groups and risk profiles.The Hospital offers a wide range of tastefully furnished recovery rooms along with panoramic and serene surroundings, homely atmosphere and comfortable accommodation.

Apollo Hospitals

With over 7500 beds across 43 hospitals in India and overseas, neighbourhood diagnostic clinics, an extensive chain of Apollo Pharmacies, medical BPO as well as health insurance services and clinical research divisions working on the cutting edge of medical science, Apollo Hospitals is a healthcare powerhouse you can trust with your life.

At Apollo Hospitals, India, we unite exceptional clinical success rates and superior technology with centuries-old traditions of Eastern care and warmth, as we truly believe the world is our extended family-something our 16 million patients from 55 countries can warmly affirm.

St. Elizabeth Hospital

St. Elizabeth Hospital is a 120 bed general hospital located at Malabar Hill. It has recently undergone massive renovations and is equipped with all the latest equipment required for quality patient. Healthcare. With 4 large operating theaters, a bustling Out Patient Department and a newly opened CT scan center, it is draining a large population from the surrounding opulent areas. They believe in compassionate care to patients through collective participation with a commitment which is unfailing while ensuring courtesy to one and all. Their mission is listed as bringing healing, health and wholeness to humanity through high quality patient care in an environment of empowerment and collective innovation.

Dr. Mulchandani’s Doctor’s Team

Dr. Vishnu S. Mulchandani

Dr. Vishnu S. Mulchandani

MBBS, MRSH (London)

Dr. Vishnu Mulchandani is a General Physician and Surgeon with over 40 years of experience in the field of General Practice and Internal Medicine. He is renowned for his counselling, instantly putting his patients at ease.

A brilliant diagnostician and practical dispenser, his clinic caters to all strata of society, with a balance between professional fees and charity.

Dr. (Mrs.) Maya V. Mulchandani

Dr. (Mrs.) Maya V. Mulchandani


An Obstetrician / Gynaecologist, Infertility Expert and Family Planning Consultant, Dr. Maya Mulchandani has been practicing for 40 years in Colaba, Mumbai. She is a senior practitioner and is well respected in her field. Her clients include patients from India, Africa, The Gulf and various other countries around the world.

Her calm demeanor in the clinic and the operation theater puts her patients at ease from the very first consultation.

Dr. Dheeraj V. Mulchandani

Dr. Dheeraj V. Mulchandani

MBBS, MS, DMAS, FALBS, MBA (Healthcare and Hospital Administration)

Dr. Dheeraj Mulchandani is the youngest member of the team. He is a Consultant Laparoscopic General and Bariatric Surgeon and Day Care Specialist with over 12 years of active experience. His expertise lies in the field of Day Care General Surgery along with Bariatric Surgery for weight loss. Day Care surgery is the latest in the field of general surgery with procedures being carried out in the morning and patients being discharged the same evening without the need for overnight stay.

He will provide the necessary care for all your surgical needs. He is attached to St. Elizabeth Hospital and Abhishek Day Care Centre and operates at Saifee Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital and Apollo Spectra Hospitals in South Mumbai.